Bill Gates says there is something backwards about college ratings

Published: Wednesday, Feb. 6 2013 12:00 a.m. MST

Bill Gates (Jung Yeon-je, AP) Bill Gates (Jung Yeon-je, AP)

Our take: Bill Gates recently sat down with six bloggers and journalists to discuss his thoughts on U.S. colleges. His take — there is something perverse in college ratings. Still, the fixes that Gates recommends may be a hard sell because they add about 2 percent onto payrolls.

There is a perverse metric rating system for U.S. colleges, says Bill Gates, the world’s most generous and influential philanthropist. The problem is that it gives credit to schools that attract the best students rather than schools that take poorly prepared students and help them get ready for the next stage.

“There is no feedback loop in rating colleges,” Gates explained at a small roundtable of six bloggers and journalists held on Wednesday at the Omni Berkshire Place hotel in New York City, “The control metric shouldn’t be that kids aren’t so qualified. It should be whether colleges are doing their job to teach them. I bet there are community colleges and other colleges that do a good job in that area, but US News & World Report rankings pushes you away from that.”

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