Host of successful Bible game show serves the homeless, loves his family, relies on God

Published: Thursday, Oct. 18 2012 1:00 p.m. MDT

Jeff Foxworthy hosts Jeff Foxworthy hosts "The American Bible Challenge." (corp.gsn.com)

Our take: Comedian Jeff Foxworthy is the host "The American Bible Challenge," the most successful program in GSN's history, but he hasn't let the fame go to his head. In this interview with The Blaze, Foxworthy discusses his fear of exploiting his faith by hosting the show and the Bible study group he leads for homeless men on Tuesday mornings.

On GSNtv.com, Foxworthy talks more about his belief in God and other values in video segments. Click here to see the the segment about "The Importance of Family."

Comedian Jeff Foxworthy has been a successful fixture in the entertainment industry for years. While he's become well-known for roles in shows like "Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?," "Blue Collar TV" and "The Jeff Foxworthy Show," it is his newest project — "The American Bible Challenge" — that is putting him in the headlines of late. TheBlaze interviewed the host earlier this week to discuss the show's monumental success, to speak about his views on the Bible and to explore his personal faith background.

GSN (formerly Game Show Network) took a risk, in the eyes of some, when the network decided to launch a game show based exclusively upon the Bible. After all, no one had ever tried it before. And while there's certainly a massive Christian market in America, uncharted waters can be difficult to navigate — and costly, especially if they fail to bring in ratings. Drafting Foxworthy, a noted Christian, as host, GSN paved the way for blockbuster success.

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