Where to get your weird-sports fix, even without the Olympics

Published: Tuesday, Aug. 14 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

Our Take: Suffering from Olympics withdrawals? The Atlantic has you covered with a list of niche sports from across the globe and when their competitions are taking place:

The joys of Olympics-watching include, but are not limited to, judging the aesthetics of team uniforms, criticizing the host country's opening and closing ceremonies, and, of course, rooting for the athletes themselves. And while the standard fare of basketball and swimming is all well and good, half of the fun of the games is the delightful obscurities we're able to spectate. The massive popularity of curling, in the winter games, and archery, this summer, shows that sports often considered mere curiosities can have mass appeal. Would the Olympics be the same without the race walk, table tennis, or fencing? Of course not.

So now that London 2012 has concluded, (and since Stars Earn Stripes is probably not the answer), where can fans turn to ease their withdrawal symptoms?

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