New Study: Online Classes Just as Good

Published: Friday, July 20 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

Our take: The number of universities offering online courses is growing, but many students and professors remain skeptical about their effectiveness. However, according to a study by higher-education think tank Ithaka S+R, students in online courses can perform just as well on exams as students in a conventional classroom.

On Tuesday Via Meadia reported that the Coursera program for online education has just expanded its offerings. Along with programs like MITís EdX and Stanfordís Udacity, Coursera offers lectures from professors presented in video format, supplemented by online coursework and reading materials. Other institutions are looking to offer hybrid coursework, in which online classes are supplemented by semi-regular meetings with professors or tutors of some sort, to minimize the time required of professional staff while retaining the advantage of face time with an instructor.

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