Analysis: The unexpected evangelical silence on Mitt Romney’s Mormonism

Published: Monday, June 11 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

Writer Jonathan Merritt for Religion News Service looks into what he calls the surprisingly supportive evangelical reaction to Mitt Romney's candidacy for president:

When Romney delivered his “Faith in America” speech in 2007, the Southern Baptist response was to label Mormonism a “theological cult” and “false religion.”

What's surprising in 2012 is the relative lack of anxiety on the other side, among evangelicals who for years considered Mormonism a "cult" that was to be feared, not embraced.

In fact, the relative ambivalence among prominent evangelicals about this new "Mormon moment" -- and the fact that Romney's campaign could mainstream Mormonism right into the Oval Office – could radically shift the dynamics on America's political and religious landscape.

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