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Published: Friday, Nov. 11 2011 2:00 p.m. MST

"Illustrated Book of Mormon Stories" is retold by Karmel H. Newell and Illustrated by Brian Call. (Deseret Book)

Here are some recently released books (and a card game) for children with LDS themes.

ILLUSTRATED BOOK OF MORMON STORIES,” retold by Karmel H. Newell, illustrated by Brian Call, Deseret Book, $25.99, 117 pages

Karmel H. Newell shares more than 50 stories from the Book of Mormon in this hardback book that is aimed at younger readers.

Sidebars also help explain a concept or tradition, like casting lots or the pride cycle.

Newell, the wife of Lloyd Newell who narrates the "Music and the Spoken Word" broadcasts, starts with “Lehi and His Family Leave Jerusalem” and chronologically goes through the scriptures and ends with “The Translation and Publication of the Book of Mormon.” Each story has multiple illustrations from Brian Call that help the complete the story.

“Franklin Edward’s Amazing Book of Mormon Adventures” is by James H. Fullmer and follows a highly imaginative boy as he learns and applies stories from the prophets in the Book of Mormon. (Covenant Communications) “Franklin Edward’s Amazing Book of Mormon Adventures” is by James H. Fullmer and follows a highly imaginative boy as he learns and applies stories from the prophets in the Book of Mormon. (Covenant Communications)

“The book is intended to supplement scripture study — not replace it,” according to the introduction.

“FRANKLIN EDWARD’S AMAZING BOOK OF MORMON ADVENTURES,” by James H. Fullmer, Covenant Communications, $7.99, 32 pages

This picture book follows Franklin Edwards, a boy with a vivid imagination, as he learns and tries to follow the prophets from the Book of Mormon. But throwing mud doesn’t quite imitate Ammon just right and interrupting his parents’ party to portray Samuel the Lamanite just doesn’t turn out quite right. That is until he remembers Enos and his prayer in this fun book.

“BOOK OF MORMON PUZZLE BOOK,” by Val Chadwick Bagley, Covenant Communications, $9.99

Five 15-piece puzzles of notable people from the Book of Mormon — Nephi, Lehi, Ammon, Abish and Captain Moroni — along with a short description of each. Each puzzle/illustration includes hidden images.

"Book of Mormon Puzzle Book" is by Val Chadwick Bagley and includes five 15-piece puzzles of characters from the Book of Mormon. (Covenant Communications)

“WHOLE ARMOR OF GOD,” by Mike Drysdale, illustrations by Steven Keele and Kevin Keele, Covenant Communications, $10.99 (2-4 players; ages 5 and up)

In this card game, each player must accumulate enough Faith in Action cards to earn the six different pieces of the armor. Watch out for the Fiery Darts card, which will take away Faith in Action cards and can be defended by the armor. The first person to get all six pieces of armor wins.

“MONDAY I WAS A MONKEY: A ‘Tail’ of Reverence,” by Jennie McClain, illustrated by Jennifer Eichelberger, Covenant Communications, $11.99

As Jennie McClain, of Malad, Idaho, and her husband were figuring how to keep their 4-year-old reverent during church, it sparked an idea. That idea turned into a book about a little boy who acts like a different animal each day of the week and then like himself on Sundays when he goes to church.

"Whole Armor of God" is a card game by Mike Drysdale and illustrated by Steven Keele and Kevin Keele, where players try to earn pieces of armor and fend off the fiery darts. (Covenant Communications)

Illustrator Jennifer Eichelberger, of Pleasant Grove, captures the fun of the boy as he becomes all of these animals and the chagrin of this mother as her son's enactment happens in the grocery store, the library or swinging through the house.

“CINDERELLA CTR,” by Rick Walton, illustrated by Lucy Beatrix, Covenant Communciations, $14.99

In this Mormon spin on the classic fairy tale, Cinderella’s parents are the ward librarian and compassionate service leader until a tragic merry-go-round accident leaves her an orphan and she is sent to live with relatives who treat her like a servant. The only thing she has to remind her of her parents is the CTR ring they gave her when she was 8.

It’s the CTR ring the prince notices at the ball and seeks to find the girl who knows what CTR stands for. It includes Cinderella remembering curfews, remembering lessons from Young Women and dating standards.

"Monday I Was a Monkey: A 'Tail' of Reverence" is by Jennie McClain and illustrated by Jennifer Eichelberger. The idea for the book came from trying to keep her own son reverent during church. (Covenant Communications)

“I KNOW THAT MY SAVIOR LOVES ME,” artwork by Simon Dewey, Covenant Communications, $11.99

Simon Dewey’s artwork is paired with the lyrics from the Primary song “I Know That My Savior Loves Me,” words and music by Tami Jeppeson Creamer and Derena A. Bell, in this board book.

“MY FIRST BOOK OF THE LATTER-DAY PROPHETS,” by Deanna Draper Buck, illustrated by Casey Nelson, Deseret Book, $14.99

This board book shares simple stories about each of the 16 prophets of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, including from their childhoods and as prophets and presidents of the LDS Church. Some of them include the accidents President Wilford Woodruff got into as a child, how President Heber J. Grant played baseball along with how President Joseph Fielding Smith read the Book of Mormon twice before he was ordained a deacon.

"Cinderella CTR" by Rick Walton and illustraded by Lucy Beatrix takes a Mormon spin on the classic fairy tale. (Covenant Communications)

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