Utahns likely opted for fruit baskets over roses on Valentine’s Day this year, as Salt Lake City was recently named the second healthiest city in the country, according to a new WalletHub report.

Utah's capital city earned third-place spots for both its food and fitness rankings, meaning the city offers the third-healthiest restaurants and has the third-healthiest fitness options among American cities, WalletHub reported.

Salt Lake City finished just behind San Francisco but ahead of Scottsdale, Arizona, Seattle and Portland in the top five cities.

Nearby Boise, Idaho, placed 14th on the list, with Denver finishing at 17th, according to the report.

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WalletHub ranked the cities based on a number of health-related factors, like the cost of a doctor visit, how many fruit and veggies people eat and the location of fitness centers.

Joe K. Gerald, an associate professor of public health policy at the University of Arizona, said in the report that those in search of a healthy city find one that promotes a healthy-living culture.

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“Given our ability to live where we chose, it is difficult to know to what degree health communities are defined by their internal characteristics rather than simply like-minded people being attracted to the same place,” he said.

You can read more about the report at WalletHub.

Meanwhile, Forbes ranks Minneapolis as the country’s healthiest city, championing its clean air and promotion of exercise. Denver ranks fifth in the nation, while San Francisco, the top city in WalletHub’s report, sits at sixth place.

Salt Lake City ranked 15th on the Forbes list.