Trent English of Salt Lake City is tired of rings falling apart. So he wanted to make stronger ones that can survive an active lifestyle.

Oh, and some glow in the dark, so that’s super cool.

English recently started a Kickstarter campaign for the rings. The project, called Raw Light, has already earned just more than $4,000 as of Wednesday morning with a goal of $10,000. Pledges will be accepted until Wednesday, Jan. 18.

You can buy one of these rings — made with ceramic — by pledging $30. If you add another $20 to your pledge, you will receive one of the glow rings. You can earn yourself two rings if you pledge $50 or more. You can also buy yourself a number of ring combinations with the donations.

But what’s the deal with the light? The Kickstarter page said it’s to accommodate the active lifestyle.

“We wanted to use the world around us to inspire us for the design, and we loved the concept of light,” the page reads. “There are so many naturally occurring sources of light in nature that we wanted to capture the raw essence of that light and incorporate that into our design.”

You can find out more at Kickstarter.