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New stakes

Six new stakes have been created.

A new stake has been created from the Kinshasa Democrative Republic of the Congo Mont Ngafula and Kinshasha Democratic Repbulic of the Congo stakes. The Kinshasa Democratic Republic of the Congo Ngaba Stake, which consists of the Lemba, Livulu, Makala, Mont Amba, Ngaba and Yolo wards, was created by Elder Stanley G. Ellis, a General Authority Seventy, and Elder L. Jean Claude Mabaya, an Area Seventy.

A new stake has been created from the Kwajalein Marshall Islands District. The Kwajalein Marshal Islands Stake, which consists of the Ebeye 1st, Ebeye 2nd, Ebeye 3rd, Kwajalein and Lae wards, was created by Elder O. Vincent Haleck, a General Authority Seventy, and Elder Adolf Johansson, an Area Seventy.

A new stake has been created from the St. Petersburg Florida and Tampa Florida stakes. The Odessa Florida Stake, which consists of the Brooksville, Hudson, Land O Lakes, Odessa and Tampa 4th wards, was created by Elder Kevin W. Pearson, a General Authority Seventy, and Elder René R. Alba, an Area Seventy.

A new stake has been created from the Otavalo Ecuador and Otavalo Ecuador Imbabura stakes. The Otavalo Ecuador Imbaya Stake, which consists of the Carabuela, Centenario, Cotacachi, Cotama, Imbaya and Punyaro wards, was created by Carlos A. Godoy, a General Authority Seventy, and Nelson Ardila, an Area Seventy.

A new stake has been created from the Phoenix Arizona Deer Valley and Phoenix Arizona North stakes. The Phoenix Arizona Desert Hills Stake, which consists of the Anthem, Daisy Mountain, Gavilan Peak, North Valley, Parkside and Pinnacle Vista wards, was created by Elder Weatherford T. Clayton, a General Authority Seventy, and Elder Daniel W. Jones, an Area Seventy.

A new stake has been created from the Peoria Arizona North and Glendale Arizona stakes. The Phoenix Arizona Thunderbird Park Stake, which consists of the Desert Canyon Branch and the Arrowhead Ranch, Mountain Ridge, Sierra Verde, Sonoran Mountain, Stetson Valley and Thunderbird Hills wards, was created by Elder Kevin W. Pearson, a General Authority Seventy, and Elder K. Mark Frost, an Area Seventy.

KINSHASA DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO NGABA STAKE: (May 29, 2016) President — Matthieu Kokengo Bokolo, 69, professor, University of Kivu; wife, Astrid Madika Lubadi. Counselors — Kalala Wa Mutombo Alain Mwamba, 46, driver, Ese Mankenda; wife, Bukasa Judith Kajidi. Mulumba Jean David Wamwena, 40, administrator, Cobasen; wife, Kalonji Chouchouna Mujinga.

KWAJALEIN MARSHALL ISLANDS STAKE: (Oct. 9, 2016) President — Johannes Jay Seremai, 52, Ministry of Health; wife, Diana Lynn Kabua Seremai. Counselors — Anjok Michael, 64, welder; wife, Herine Michael. Stimpon Kejai, 47, WHSE data clerk; wife, Marleen Kejai.

ODESSA FLORIDA STAKE: (Oct. 16, 2016) President — Paul Heber Thompson, 56, audit partner, Grant Thronton LLP; wife, Marilyn Ruth Waters Thompson. Counselors — George Patrick Thornton Sr., 72, CFO, Anderson Thornton Consultants; wife, Ella Joyce DuBose Thornton. Bart Ferrell Catmull, 49, president, Sagicor Life Insurance; wife, Jana Denise Rasband Catmull.

OTAVALO ECUADOR IMBAYA STAKE: (Oct. 9, 2016) President — Luis Alberto Tituaña Santillan, 43, proprietor, Winter House; wife, Rosa Matilde Izama Tituaña. Counselors — Roberto de la Torre Montalvo, 38, coordinator; wife, Genoveva Romero Vasquez. Luis Edgar Ruiz, 38, businessman; wife, Emma Fabiola Campo.

PHOENIX ARIZONA DESERT HILLS STAKE: (Oct. 16, 2016) President — Neuel Edwin Weathersby, 60, doctor; wife, Cheryl Ann Steele Weathersby. Counselors — Robert Mark Christian, 58, claimsman, Republic Insurance; wife, Patti Ann Hill Christian. James Dannis Mitchell, 40, president/CEO, Progressive Wireless; wife, Cassie Elizabeth Nelson Mitchell.

PHOENIX ARIZONA THUNDERBIRD PARK STAKE: (Oct. 9, 2016) President — David Aaron Jackson, 41, CEO and president, Knight Transportation; wife, Rebecca Terry Jackson. Counselors — David Adelbert Adams, 51, Arizona claims director, Progressive Insurance; wife, Angela Christine Eynon Adams. Mahlon Brett Edwards, 43, director of finance, Marriott; wife, Kimberly Peterson Edwards.

Reorganized stakes

ANCHORAGE ALASKA STAKE: (Oct. 16, 2016) President — Boyd Cornell Esplin, 49, owner/physical therapist, Chugach Physical Therapy; succeeding Wesley D. Newman; wife, Mary Ann Phelon Esplin. Counselors — David Broadbent McCarrey, 63, contractor; wife, Donna Marie McCarrey. Shaun Todd Debenham, 43, owner, Debenham Properties; wife, Megan Challis Debenham.

CARACAS VENEZUELA PALO VERDE STAKE: (Oct. 16, 2016) President — Juan Bautista Diaz Matute, 41, electrician; succeeding Bhanu K. Hitanandani; wife, Andrea Isabel Puerto Delgado. Counselors — Victor Manuel Canozo Ceus, 60, general manager, ALM Multiservicios, Inc.; wife, Elvira Santa Fe Diaz. Eduardo Elias Angulo Garcia, 33, senior manager, VC Medios; wife, Laura Valentina Artigas.

CHORLEY ENGLAND STAKE: (Oct. 30, 2016) President — Michael Paul Moray Gratton, 34, sales director, Wistl; succeeding David Michael W. Pickup; wife, Anneka Victoria Hoar Gratton. Counselors — David John Hughes, 44, businessman; wife, Lisa Amanda Scott Hughes. Christopher Colin Pattenden, 32, manager of training and operations, LDS Church; wife, Rachel Louise Pattenden.

CÓRDOBA ARGENTINA NORTH STAKE: (Sept. 11, 2016) President — Eduardo Jorge Rossi, 38, partner/manager, Movar Construcciones; succeeding Guillermo Chehda; wife, Gisela Vanesa Lares. Counselors — Gustavo Javier Maldonado, 35, sales manager, Frappanpino; wife, Maria Jose Toledo. Sergio Pitbladdo, 56, recorder, LDS Church; wife, Susana Marcela Sanchez Monticello.

HARARE ZIMBABWE MARIMBA PARK STAKE: (Aug. 21, 2016) President — Esphanos Mataranyika, 34, general manager, Spar Retail-Innscor; succeeding Stanley Makaza; wife, Keresiya Mlandeli Mataranyika. Counselors — Kenneth Madamdmbe, 52, transporter; wife, Eunice Madamombe Mutamangira. Elwyne Arthur Nyasulu, 31, diamond sorter, Mubowa Diamonds; wife, Faith Marvelous Naison.

KINGSLAND GEORGIA STAKE: (May 22, 2016) President — Anthony Joseph LiCausi, 51, business owner, Amelia Computers; succeeding Thornston B. Bartling; wife, Cynthia Bohler LiCausi. Counselors — Scott Eugene Mathis, 53, nurse practitioner; wife, Beverly Anne Waller Mathis. Ronald W. Corbett, 61, undersheriff, Glynn County Sheriff's Office; wife, Joann B. Corbett.

MELBOURNE AUSTRALIA WYNDHAM STAKE: (Oct. 30, 2016) President — Emmanuel Ernest Richards, 41, regional sales manager; succeeding Anthony Parton; wife, Kathleen Piungahau Veronica Richards. Counselors — Samuel Ellis, 44, engineering manager, Ford Motor Company; wife, Alexandra Bröcher. Sauvao Maliko Petelo, 46, bus driver; wife, Annese Mireta Tupai.

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MERIDIAN IDAHO SOUTH STAKE: (Oct. 16, 2016) President — Stephen Boyd Packer, 42, anesthesiologist; succeeding J. Joseph Kiehl; wife, Amy Ruth Despain Packer. Counselors — Douglas Bradley Simpson, 49, manager/physical theripast, Meridian Physical Therapy; wife, Lynette Hansen Simpson. Clay Cooper Anderson, 43, investment broker; wife, Salina Baldwin Anderson.

MIDWAY UTAH STAKE: (Oct. 16, 2016) President — David Ralph Nielson, 52, attorney; succeeding Michael T. Nelson; wife, Susan Bond Nielson. Counselors — Rex Jay Allen, 62, co-owner/CEO, Realtime Learning Systems; wife, Nancy Ann Newey Allen. Jonathan Leondard Burton, 41, founder/president, Innovative Harbor; wife, Kristen Lewis Burton.

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