I am a senior at East Hollywood High School. Our zoology class recently took a field trip to the Hogle Zoo. As I see it, the concept of zoos has both pros and cons. Zoos can serve as great source for educational programs. It is a place where the public can have access to a wealth of knowledge. They can also function as a means of preservation for endangered species. Animals can be protected there and they can even aid in the reproduction process of certain species that are at risk of becoming extinct.

But on the other hand, animals that are confined to zoos experience negative physiological effects due to being confined. If a zoo animal was ever to be released into their natural habitat, the chances for survival are slim, due to the fact that they have never had to live in the wild and would not know how to hunt or defend themselves.

During my time spent at Hogle Zoo, it seemed to me that the animals that tend to be of “more interest” had better habitats created for them and some of the less “popular” animals were kept in less well-appointed spaces. I did however see the focus on their educational programs and what a great job they have done with enticing young minds in the options available. While I believe there is always room for improvement, I think Hogle Zoo should be commended for the successes they have achieved.

Isaac Dominguez

West Valley City