A letter in Monday's editorial pages by Mr. Richard Burt insinuates that President Bill Clinton balanced the national debt, which is factually in error. Bill Clinton "borrowed" money from the Social Security Trust Fund to balance his money woes. Sadly, Lyndon Johnson paid for the Veitnam War with SSTF, and Ronald Reagon paid for his military build up with SSTF.

In the very beginning the SSTF deposited more money from FICA tax than what was needed, hence a Federal Piggy Bank developed.

Just why do you think we have problems now with Social Security benefits? All of this money was "borrowed" with the consent of Congress, and today there are not enough workers participating in this tax to keep it solvent. Over $2.2 trillion dollars was "borrowed." Don't you think it's time to collect — with interest — what was "borrowed"?

Alvin Webb

West Valley City