‘The Magnificent 7’: Points for parents

  • Violence/Gore: Men force people out of a church and then end up shooting some of them in the street. They also set the building on fire. A man shoots the ear off of another. Pieces of the ear are seen on the ground. A native American cuts meat from a deer and shares it with another man. In fighting the bad guys, the main characters use mostly guns and rifles but also some knives and a hatchet. A cannon filled with projectiles is fired at a group of men. Explosions kill men on horseback. A man stomps on the head of another man. A man kills another man with his hairpin. The final fight is long and nonstop shooting.
  • Drinking/Smoking: During down times there are many instances of smoking and drinking. Some men are shown in a drunken state. Gambling in saloons is portrayed.
  • Sensuality/Language: Some women are dressed as ladies of the night. One woman wears low-cut blouses. Language suggesting sexual activity is used at one time.

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