LOGAN — Police are cracking down on distracted drivers after numbers from the Utah Department of Transportation put Main Street in Logan as the roadway with the most accidents in the state.

“So many people have moved into the valley that according to UDOT statistics, more than 30,000 vehicles a day are traveling Main Street,” Logan Police Lt. Jeff Simmons said.

It is one of the few ways to get through the Cache Valley, and it's not hard for police to see why it's so prone to collisions — hundreds of them a year.

"It's nothing really new to us,” Simmons said. “We work these streets all the time, especially Main Street. We’re aware that several hundred accidents every year occur there."

But what was a bit surprising, he said, is that the north end of Main Street earned the top spot for UDOT's list of the most dangerous roads, as determined by the number of accidents. Two other sections of Main Street ranked fourth and eighth on that list.

"Failure to yield, following too close, improper lookout because your eyes are somewhere else — those are the biggest causes of accidents here on Main Street,” Simmons said.

That's why four police officers focus on patrolling Main Street every day.

“Half of our accidents are on Main Street, just these 4.7 miles,” Logan police officer Denny Bird said.

It doesn't take long to spot people with their eyes on something other than the road in front of them, Bird said.

"A lot of times what will happen is that they stop at the light, and you just see their heads go down and they're on their (mobile) device,” he said. “But when the light turns green and the traffic starts moving, they're not quite finished."

“Anytime you're taking your eyes off of the 10 to 12 seconds of roadway ahead of you, then you are now a distracted driver,” Simmons added.

Police said they just finished a sting operation where they patrolled a construction area in an unmarked car. They said to expect more of those in the coming months.

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