Utah Sen. Mike Lee rarely involves himself with brews, coffee or otherwise.

But on Tuesday, Lee, along with New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker, spoke in an interview with BuzzFeed Brews, a new series of political and pop culture interviews hosted by the news company.

BuzzFeed shared the interview on Facebook Live, allowing both Lee and Booker to answer questions about criminal justice reform in real time.

Lee, a Mormon, and Booker, a Baptist, both spoke about the current criminal justice system and what needs to be done to change it.

As BuzzFeed reported, Lee said in the interview that there’s been a lack of reform because congressional leaders haven’t scheduled any bills or potential laws that could improve the current criminal justice system.

He said all of the recent shootings and terrorist attacks haven’t done much to inspire congressional leaders, either.

“Anytime one of these horrible events occurs, it’s a reminder to all of us that we need to do whatever we can to elevate our public discourse and dialogue about ways that we can discourage violence, encourage all members of our society to seek peaceful outcomes to difficult situations,” Lee said.

But, Lee said that help will come soon enough and that any criminal justice reform bill will pass overwhelmingly in the House and Senate.

You can watch Lee and Booker in the video below:

Before the event began, Lee expressed his support of such an interview — as long as brews aren’t involved.

Herb Scribner is a writer for Deseret Digital Media.