You sense a little more focus out there from the players, a little more urgency. —BYU offensive coordinator Ty Detmer

PROVO — It's rarely just one thing that makes an offense sputter during games, and according to BYU coaches and players, there's several things being worked on in order to get the offense going as the team prepares to take on West Virginia. According to offensive coordinator Ty Detmer, players have responded well to the coach's directive this week during practices.

“You sense a little more focus out there from the players, a little more urgency,” Detmer said. “ So that’s good. As coaches, you want to see that and that’s the way it’s been. Guys are communicating more, and I expect a better week this week.”

A lot of the blame for the offensive struggles has been placed on quarterback Taysom Hill, who understands that's just part of the burden of being the starting quarterback at BYU.

“Everything falls on the quarterback, so I’ve got to be better,” Hill said. “I think there’s parts of the game where we all can be a little bit better. It’s all about moving forward and making sure we’re getting better … and I think we’ve done a nice job of that this week.”

After reviewing film, Detmer believes his quarterback is on track and needs a collective effort from his teammates to advance production.

“At times he’s doing all he can do,” Detmer said. “… There’s always going to be a couple of throws you want back — a couple of decisions you want back, but overall, it’s a team effort … sometimes you’re only as good as the players playing around you.”

OFFENSIVE LINE PRODUCTION: A lot of focus for BYU's offensive struggles have been placed on an offensive line that has made do despite several injuries to expected starters. According to Detmer, the offensive line has largely performed well while receiving maybe a bit too much of the blame.

“They’ve actually played pretty well,” Detmer said. “We haven’t gotten a lot of separation against man coverage, so in turn, the quarterback holds the ball a little bit, which makes our line look like it’s not really protecting.”


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