On Wednesday morning, Donald Trump Jr., the son of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, spoke to the Deseret News and KSL editorial boards about how his father doesn’t have a problem with Utah voters and that Utahns should vote for his father.

Trump Jr. said his father may be perceived as a little brash compared to previous nominees, but that’s no reason not to vote for him since he believes in "so many of those values held dear in this community."

Trump Jr. said he thinks his father will succeed in Utah, especially because the GOP nominee has started to connect with the voter base.

"I think it's about speaking not to the political elite but speaking to the people," Trump Jr. said. "That’s what my father had done from day one."

What follows are some audio excerpts from Wednesday’s interview.

Creating jobs

Trump Jr. said he’s seen his father give hard workers opportunities to advance their careers. He said his father has helped people get out of “sink or swim” situations.

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America's biggest problems

After being asked how his father could inspire so many people at his rallies, Trump Jr. said his father talks about the most important issues, like the loss of education and wealth in the United States. He said it’s important to talk about real issues and how the country plans to tackle them.

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Trump being an outsider

Trump Jr. also said it’s important not to have a typical politician try and fix these issues.

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The Supreme Court

It’s no question that society and culture are often shaped by the Supreme Court. Trump Jr. said that this election, and specifically the next president, will have a lot to say about what the Supreme Court looks like moving forward.

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The plan for refugees

Trump Jr. made headlines earlier this week when he tweeted out an image of Skittles that he compared to refugees. But he told the Deseret News that the issue with refugees means so much to him because of who he is as a father.

Trump Jr. didn’t answer anything specifically related to his father’s plan to ban all foreign Muslims from entering the country.

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Working with congress

Trump Jr. said his father’ history with negotiation will make it easier for him to work with congress while in the White House.

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On his father’s tax returns

Trump Jr. said that his father has nothing to prove by showing his tax returns, especially as he remains under audit.

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Charity contributions and the Trump Foundation

The Washington Post’s David Fahrenthold has led an effort to find out information about Donald Trump’s charitable donations and where they’ve gone. Most of his work can be found here. He just recently reported that the Trump Foundation used $258,000 to settle legal battles.

Trump Jr. said there’s no question that the Trump Foundation has helped people through charity work.

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On Utah’s public lands debate

There’s been an ongoing debate in Utah whether or not public space should be managed by the government, state or federal, or private hands.

Trump Jr. said he and his father’s campaign believe these lands should remain public and that the state should be involved.

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After the election

So what happens when Donald Trump’s campaign ends? Trump Jr. said he plans to go back to his dream job of running his business.

He also said his father plans to keep his business separate from his potential presidency.

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Will Trump come to Utah?

Trump Jr. said he’s unsure if his father will come to Utah in the final weeks before the election.

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Would a Trump presidency end the GOP as we know it?

Trump Jr. said his father, if elected, won’t end the Republican Party. Rather, it’ll be a new GOP movement — one ruled by a younger generation.

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Herb Scribner is a writer for Deseret Digital Media.