I wrote a column for today’s paper on Utah’s defense. You can find it here.

I know. Stories on the defense have already been done. And done. And done. But it's hard to ignore 10 sacks in a game, which occurred last weekend. So I circled back.

That’s the thing about newsmakers.

They keep making themselves relevant. Or at least newsworthy.

I’ve heard people say, “Haven’t you done enough on the Jazz/Utes/Cougars?”

Yes and no.

Yes, there’s been a lot. No, it’s not too much.

It’s not just the same thing about the same person or team, it’s the evolving stories. I’m sure everyone is tired of Branjelina. But they file for divorce and guess what — they’re back.

As if they ever left.

And every time Gordon Hayward opens his mouth, it’s a story.

Sorry, I got off track.

My point is there was some stuff I didn’t use in my column on Utah’s defensive line. So here comes a bit more on the subject.

Don’t expect this to be the last of it.

Hunter Dimick on whether a team gets in a “zone” and players feel like nobody can stop them:

“I mean, every once in awhile you kind of get — like you said — in a zone and feel a little more efficient, a little faster and feel like you’re getting around the blocker a little bit quicker. It’s just a good overall effort by the defensive line. Nothing too crazy.”

As you can tell, Dimick didn’t say anything too crazy, either.

Same question for Filipo Mokofisi about being in a “zone”:

“At the end of the game, when they told me we had a sack total of 10, I had no idea. But I think we were all kind of in a little zone.”

Mokofisi on whether he can see other teams tire when Utah keeps sending in fresh D-linemen, who are virtually as good as the starters: “Other teams don’t see that kind of depth. It’s good to have our fresh legs coming in.”

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