Ralphael Plescia is a Utah artist you’ve probably never heard of.

In a short film, The Atlantic featured Plescia and his religious art, a collection of sculptures that convey his “unconventional views of religion. One of his sculptures is of Eve guarded by a lion."

Plescia’s art often goes unnoticed, though, since his museum remains in an undisclosed location and rarely gets any visitors.

In fact, Plescia said in the video he doesn’t expect his art to last long in the muesum because he doesn’t profit from it.

But he doesn’t care how many eyes see his artwork. He just wants to do what he loves.

“When I’m dead and I’m gone, whatever I did, if it’s shoved under the rug, at least I tried to do what I thought was right during my lifetime,” he said.

Learn more about Plescia and his art in the video below:

Herb Scribner is a writer for Deseret Digital Media.