HERRIMAN — A 3-year-old girl was in good condition Tuesday night following a fall from a second-story window.

Police say the toddler fell from the window and onto a concrete driveway, then got up and walked into her home to her surprised and scared mother.

The girl apparently pushed on the screen of the second-floor window, and it popped out, causing her to fall, police said.

"(Toddlers) are adventurous," Unified police detective Jared Richardson said. "They want to get out. They don't know any better. They see people out and about, and they want to lean on (the screen) because it's fun and springy and whatnot."

The girl was crying when she walked into her home. Her mother took her to see a pediatrician in South Jordan, and a medical helicopter was called to take her to an area hospital as a precaution, police said.

The girl did not sustain any serious injuries and was expected to be released from the hospital Tuesday night, police said.

"We really want to caution parents," Richardson said. "Yeah, we want to get that fresh air coming up, but you really want to get a block or some kind of locking mechanism to only open the window up a few inches. You don't need it (all the way open) to get air coming through."

— Alex Cabrero