Outdoor Retailers Summer Market offers array of cooking gear

Published: Tuesday, Aug. 19 2014 5:00 p.m. MDT

In and around the latest in kayaks, outdoor apparel and other recreation gear at the recent Outdoor Retailers Summer Market, there was a camp stove that will charge a phone and a variety of skewer accessories to cook hot dogs and marshmallows over an open fire, not to mention some other gadgets specifically for outdoor cooking.

Here are some of the ones that caught my eye from the recent Outdoor Retailers Summer Market in Salt Lake City. These are generally available on the company's websites or through the retailers, including local ones, listed on their websites.

Boil water and charge your phone.

Wait. What?

There were a couple of different adapters that convert heat from a campfire or stove to electricity to charge from a USB port.

BioLite’s CampStove has a stainless steel fuel chamber, which uses small branches or twigs for a fire, and a power module. The simplified explanation from the saleswoman at the booth and from the BioLite website is that when a fire is set in the fuel chamber, the heat helps power a small generator to turn on a small fan to help the fire. Any excess power from the generator can be used to charge a phone or other small electronic device via a USB port. See biolitestove.com for pricing and information.

Also, FlameStower has an adapter that uses any type of fire — from a campfire to one from a contained fuel source — and converts the heat from the fire and a small reservoir for boiling water to electricity to charge small electronics via a USB cable. See flamestower.com for information.

This year marks the 100th anniversary of Sterno, known for its canned fuel.

One of the newest items is the Inferno Stove, which is designed to boil water in less than six minutes, and the two parts fold together to be compact, said Keith Szewczyk at the Sterno display.

Camp Chef’s Stryker Stoves have an adapter so that they can run off of either propane or isobutane, depending on the fuel source that’s available, said Matt Anderson at the Camp Chef booth. They also use Heat Ring technology to increase fuel efficiency.

More for the backyard is their Italia Artisan Pizza Oven that is designed to go on the Camp Chef Stoves. A stand-alone version is also available. See campchef.com for more information.

There’s more to these skewers than just an almost straight stick.

Frank’s Campfire Sticks are made from a 16-foot piece of wire twisted together to help dissipate the heat, said owner Tim Giandomencio. Earlier this year, the Canada-based company started distributing through the Kroger family of stores, including Smith’s grocery stores. See frankscampfiresticks.ca.

Pocket Roasters have a telescoping handle that creates a compact skewer and has the end forks pointed backward in an arrow shape.

The “reverse forks” are a safety feature, said Eddie Hill. The handles glow in the dark, making them visible at night. See nostalgicimages.com.

• Light My Fire, which got its start with fire-making kits for the Swedish military, has Grandpa’s Firefork with the prong ends of a skewer that can be attached to a stick — minimizing the need to bring longer skewers or whittle a pointed end.

The Grandpa’s FireGrill uses a similar concept in a grill basket that can be attached to a stick and can grill whatever food fits in it over a fire.

Making a s’more around a campfire means roasting the marshmallow to that personal level of perfection and then squeezing it with the chocolate between graham crackers.

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