Certain patients receive a “sympathy-gone” headshake from emergency room physicians. In this group falls drunk drivers, guys that picked fights with Marines and frat boys bragging about their latest STDs.

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As a road biker, I have little sympathy for road bikers who think they are cars. They ride side-by-side on the narrow corners, making cars swerve into oncoming traffic. They draft cars down Big Cottonwood Canyon, not seeming to understand that cars can (and may have to) stop a lot faster than they can.

In essence: Road bike does not equal car.

I will do my best to accommodate road bikers while driving, and as a road biker I will make the road-sharing experience the best one possible for cars. But next time I read about a road biker getting bug-splatted while pretending to be a car, the ER doctor’s "sympathy-gone" headshake will be my response.

Benjamin Wood