LOGAN — Firefighters in Logan were at a home fire for nearly four hours Saturday as they had to pin down the blaze in difficult places.

Both the occupants of the home and a passersby reported the blaze at the home near 100 East and 300 South in Logan around 5:30 p.m., Craig Humphreys, fire marshal for Logan City Fire Department, said. When firefighters arrived, they could see smoke coming from the roof of the building, but it became clear it was burning in the attic and surrounding "knee walls."

"We initiated an attack with the aerial truck," Humphreys said. "It's a very hard fire to access, because it's in those attic spaces. … It's one of those fires that's very difficult to get to, to reach, so they're very difficult to put out."

The home's occupants — a couple and their infant child — were able to get out of the home without any injuries. Firefighters were also uninjured, even as some reentered the home to rescue "five expensive reptiles," Humphreys said.

The pets were also unharmed in the blaze.

Humphreys said the cause of the fire could not be investigated until it was fully extinguished. It was announced on the Logan City Fire Department's Twitter feed that firefighters left the scene just before 9 p.m. and would determine the fire's cause Sunday.

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