Imagine that you have been diagnosed with a serious illness. You discover that there is no cure for this condition but there are some treatments available. Now imagine that your landlord tells you that you have to choose between your treatment and your home.

People are being forced to make this choice today. They have to choose between staying in their homes and keeping service animals. As a person struggling with mental illness, I understand that it can be a very difficult disease to understand and treat. Many are finding that relief in the form of service animals.

Many people do not have access to this resource because they rent a home. No one should have to choose between their home and their well-being. As long as the person can show proof they have a medical need for it, they should be able to keep their animal for a fee.

Many landlords are discriminating against people with service animals by using made-up or exaggerated excuses to deny or evict current or potential tenants. We would never ask someone who is crippled to give up their wheelchair to stay in their home, so why are we forcing those with mental illness to give up their treatment to stay in theirs?

Ariel Higgs