CLINTON — City officials are warning residents their tap water may have been contaminated by E. coli.

The city sent out a warning Wednesday advising residents to drink bottled water or boil their tap water until further notice.

Water samples in the city indicated a possible E. coli presence, though that doesn't confirm the water is contaminated, Clinton Public Works Director Mike Child said. Residents, however, are advised to act as if it is.

City officials won't know until Thursday whether the water is contaminated. In the meantime, crews are flushing the system and dosing the water with chlorine.

There were no reports Wednesday of people getting sick from the water.

There are no advisories against using the water to bathe, but using hand sanitizer is also a good idea, Child said.

City officials have identified a possible source of the contamination, an irrigation line that was crossing with culinary water, Child said.

"In this case, we found a situation where there has been a connection between the two systems at a home, and this has forced some irrigation water into the drinking water system," he said.

Officials have not confirmed that the cross-connection is the source of the possible contamination.

— McKenzie Romero