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5 Tinder success stories that will make you believe in love all over again

Published: Tuesday, July 29 2014 9:45 a.m. MDT

Think love is dead and Tinder is the killer? Here are five stories that will make you think differently.

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You’re faced with a choice — swipe right or swipe left on the future boy or girl of your dreams. That’s the premise of Tinder, the online dating app that’s been sweeping the nation in recent years.

But the result of that one simple choice can lead to something everlasting. According to TechCrunch, the app has a daily user base of over 10 million people and a history of making more than 1 billion matches.

That's 1 billion people who have found a date on Tinder. And they're spending about an hour a day sweeping through possible first dates and soulmates.

But out of all those users and swipes, how much progress towards making long-term, meaningful relationships has their been?

Here’s a list of five successful matches made on Tinder that will surely have you swiping right in no time:

Nathan and Andrea

Andrea was never really sold on the idea of Tinder — until she found Nathan.

Though he didn't seem right for her at first — he had a picture holding a baby on his profile, which wasn't something Andrea wanted to get involved with — things changed once they both started engaging in deeper conversation (the baby turned out to be his brother's kid).

But what made Nathan a cut above the others? Unlike the other boys Andrea met on the app, Nathan tried. He put his all into the conversation, wanting to know what she liked and how she thought. He was a gentleman that wanted real connection.

“In one of those conversations, he asked me out on a date for the upcoming weekend. As weird as it sounds, I never questioned if I should go out with him,” she wrote. “Something about him just felt right.”

After coming clean to their families and friends about how they met online, Nathan and Andrea each attended college in different states while maintaing their relationship.

"I know that Nathan and I are one of the millions of couples that are long distance," Andrea wrote. "The thing that makes us special is that we’re not only beating the odds of maintaining a LDR, we’re also a couple who succeeded thanks to a silly little app."

The couple has remained together all throughout college and are still together today.

Sarah and Ryan

Sarah and Ryan — both students at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah — were pressured into joining Tinder. Little did they know the app would change their lives forever.

After their first date at Pita-Pit, according to each of their stories, their fate was sealed. Nine months after they met, they married in Dallas.

“By the next day [after the first date], I could already see myself marrying this guy,” Sarah said to HuffPost. “Crazy, I know, but my prediction ending up being true.”

Dave and Lindsay

Dave and Lindsay didn’t expect they’d find the love of their lives on Tinder. But soon enough, they found in eachother a match, as the story goes, according to Elle magazine.

Their first interaction was simple — nothing special. But then things took off from there. They went on a date, and it was perfect.

“After the date was over, I was driving home and I kept thinking to myself, 'God, I need to see her again before next weekend,'” Dave recalled.

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