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Spirit of competition is alive and well at BYU-Idaho

By Jace Whatcott

For the Deseret News

Published: Saturday, July 12 2014 6:00 a.m. MDT

“The game of the week is a chance for our players to compete in front of a big crowd as well as play for their friends and families back home,” said Talmage Johnson, who is the coordinator for the men’s lacrosse league. “All games of the week are recorded and then streamed later for anyone to enjoy online.”

In addition to the coverage that the “student athletes” get on film, Scroll, the university’s student-run newspaper, furthers the exposure of the athletes and the sports by interviewing them and writing about their successes on the field or on the court.

Despite the baseball program’s removal from the competitive-sports program just less than two years ago, Jeff Lloyd, the baseball program’s last coordinator, still remembers the experiences he had participating in the league as a coordinator, coach and player. Brother Lloyd, having previously played college baseball at Modesto Junior College in Modesto, California, before attending BYU-Idaho, felt that the caliber of some of the talent that was present from season to season was worthy of collegiate athletics.

“I can’t speak about any level higher than junior college, since that is as high as I ever played,” he said. “[But] out of the six teams that were filled each semester, there were probably about 25-30 students that could have played at the junior-college level.”

With those 25-30 students, and with the help from all of the coaches in the league, Brother Lloyd organized an “All-star Weekend.” Two teams were made up of the the most-talented players, and the teams played a game, a game that was preceded by a home run derby.

Ally Colyar, a freshman studying exercise physiology, has no complaints about the competitive-softball league, whether it be concerning the organization or the level of competition. Having played previously at the collegiate level, she said, “It is a great atmosphere where you can be both competitive but also friends with the other team.”

With all of the organization and participation that goes into creating a successful athletics program, it can be said that, at BYU-Idaho, the spirit of competition is alive and well.