OREM — A 51-year-old woman and her 6-year-old niece were in critical but stable condition Thursday after they tried crossing State Street in Orem against the light and were struck by a vehicle.

Police arrived at the accident near 1200 North and State about 5 p.m. The investigation revealed that the woman and the girl were crossing from east to west while heavy traffic in the north and southbound lanes had a green light, according to Orem Police Lt. Craig Martinez.

Vehicles in the first two northbound lanes saw the pair and quickly stopped. One driver did not see them until it was too late and struck the woman and girl, throwing them into the intersection, Martinez said.

The woman and girl sustained head injuries and were taken by ambulance to a local hospital in critical condition. The girl was later flown by helicopter to another hospital. Both remained in critical but stable condition Thursday evening.

Even though the woman and girl were in a crosswalk, police did not anticipate issuing citations for the incident because the pair were walking against the light, Martinez said.

"Some people seem to think that because they're in a crosswalk that they have the right of way. That's not always the case," Martinez said. "So when you're crossing against the light, the cars have the right of way."

— Morgan Jacobsen