SALT LAKE CITY — A 20-year-old Salt Lake woman escaped Monday after a man attempted to force her into his vehicle at gunpoint, according to police.

At 5:39 p.m., police responded to the alleged attempted kidnapping near 1300 South and Navajo Street (1355 West). The woman told police she was approached by a man in a vehicle while she was walking in the area. She said the man got out of his vehicle, ordered her into the car at gunpoint, and shoved her into the passenger seat, according to Salt Lake Police Lt. Gary Trost.

While the man was walking back to the driver's side, the woman opened the door, ran to her home nearby and called police, Trost said.

The woman told police the man closed the door on her leg, but she was otherwise uninjured.

The man was described as Hispanic, in his mid-30s, average height, with a heavy build and a shaved head. He was wearing a green polo shirt. The woman said he was driving a small, bright blue four-door vehicle.

The woman did not know who the man was or why she was victimized, police said.

Attempted kidnappings of adults in the area are unusual, Trost said.

"It's rather rare, thankfully," he said. "It's highly unusual here, especially in Salt Lake City."

— Morgan Jacobsen