"THE TEMPLE: Gaining Knowledge and Power in the House of the Lord,” by Ed J. Pinegar, Covenant Communications, $24.99, 272 pages (nf)

Latter-day Saint author, scholar and teacher Ed J. Pinegar has now added his engaging and authoritative voice to the list of important works written about temples with his new book, “The Temple: Gaining Knowledge and Power in the House of the Lord.”

Having served as temple president in Manti, Utah, as a temple sealer and in many other leadership responsibilities in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Pinegar brings both experience and insight to this sacred and significant subject.

In a time when much is being said about the “hastening of the work,” Pinegar’s book provides a guided journey toward making temple worship more meaningful and enlightening. The author emphasizes that there is much that temple attendees can appropriately discuss outside the walls of the temple, and he shares ancient and modern scriptures, teachings of ancient and modern prophets, and the writings of contemporary LDS scholars to help inspire readers in their own quests to enhance their temple experience.

“The Temple: Gaining Knowledge and Power in the House of the Lord” is particularly relevant in helping to better connect the Atonement of Jesus Christ with sacred temple ordinances and covenants. In a time when avoiding distractions and making time for the sacred is an increasing challenge, "The Temple" comes as a welcome and needed friend.

Whether as a gift to a newly called missionary, to an engaged couple or for any Latter-day Saint wishing to find greater power from the temple, Pinegar’s book is an exceptional addition to any gospel student’s library.

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