SALT LAKE CITY — Following the largest increase in the country last month — up 28 cents per gallon — fuel prices in Utah are holding fairly steady in June.

AAA Utah reported Tuesday that the state’s pump prices rose no more than 2 cents anywhere in Utah and some cities saw a 3-cent decrease.

The current average price for a gallon of regular gasoline in the Beehive State is $3.57, 1 cent lower than a month ago and 16 cents less than a year ago, according to AAA. Nationwide, 23 states reported prices lower than Utah.

Statewide, all of the Utah cities tracked by AAA reported decreases since last month with the exception of Vernal, where the price remained the same. Ogden and Provo reported the greatest decline, down 5 cents per gallon, with St. George’s average price dropping 4 cents; Moab was down 2 cents; with Salt Lake City’s average price decrease just 1 cent.

The national average price also stayed relatively constant with only a 3-cent increase since last month. The national average price for a gallon of regular gasoline was $3.65. Hawaii reported the highest average price at $4.36 per gallon, while California reported the highest average price in the contiguous states, at $4.11 a gallon. Arkansas registered the lowest average price at $3.38.

Utah is following the typical pattern of pricing with lowest prices in the winter and the highest as the weather warms into summer, said AAA Utah spokeswoman Rolayne Fairclough.

“The relatively stable gasoline prices can be attributed to increased domestic production, a smooth transition to summer formulated fuel, relatively trouble-free refinery maintenance and distribution,” Fairclough said.


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