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Sarah Thomas
Caesar Perez Dixie, MF, Sr. With a sixth sense for the game, set up team by threading passes between defenders.

First Team

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MVP: Ceasar Perez, F, Dixie

Alex Green, F, Dixie

Tanner Sands, F, Juan Diego

Michael Briano, F, Cedar

Brock Shipp, F, Cedar

Andrew Montoya, MF, Juan Diego

Kaden Clements, MF, Stansbury

Konner Aitken, MF, Dixie

Braden Johnston, MF, Pine View

Ethan Stratton, D, Hurricane

Tanner Cartwright, D, Park City

Brandon Ayon, D, Dixie

Josh Gallegos, D, Stansbury

Hayden Matthews, GK, Dixie

Kaeland Osborn, GK, Cedar

Second Team


Noah Hill, Cedar City, Sr.

Garrett Magie, Park City, Sr.

Javier Zambrano, Ben Lomond, Jr.


Michael Cardenas, Pine View, So.

David Hurtado, Juan Diego, So.

Sully Tesch, Park City, Sr.

Bridger Tew, Payson, Sr.


Jonny Brower, Cedar City, Sr.

Adlai Elison, Hurricane, Sr.

Corban Goodrich, Uintah, Jr.

Chris Ward, Juan Diego, Jr.

Julien Williamson, Juan Diego, So.


Justin Jones, Pine View, Sr.

Ruben Rico, Juan Diego, Sr.

Honorable Mention

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Ryan Atwood, Carbon; Jackson Bennion, Uintah; Taylor Bradley, Carbon; J.W. Broadbear, Carbon; Tanner Browning, Desert Hills; Haden Bunderson, Uintah; Keith Collins, Pine View; Andrew Gagnon, Carbon; Jordan Helvey, Payson; Jamin Jensen, Carbon; Trace Johnson, Carbon; Mitch Martino, Park City; Connor McKeanchnie, Uintah; Brad McNeely, Park City; Kyle Moffat, Payson; Brandon Parry, Desert Hills; Phil Perez, Payson; Kyler Prisbrey, Pine View; Brandon Sands, Juan Diego; Spencer Seitz, Uintah; Gunnar Stray-Gunderson, Park City; Ian Thompson, Stansbury; Michael Wade, Pine View.

Sarah Thomas earned a degree in Mathematics from the University of Utah and is currently pursuing an MBA at Westminster College. She has been covering sports for the Deseret News since 2008.