SPANISH FORK — The city's new recycling program will take effect in a few months, but residents and businesses can opt out if they wish.

When the program begins, the city will provide every household and business that does not already participate in curbside recycling with a blue can. The can will be free for the first month to those who automatically receive one.

Those who do not want or need the can are able to opt out within the first two months.

The change in the program will make recycling cheaper and easier for residents. Starting July 1, the monthly cost for a blue recycle can will drop from $7.44 to just $3.61 for everyone.

Residents and businesses can take advantage of the early bird launch. The city will have blue cans available for early bird delivery July 1. To have the blue can delivered early, call 801-804-4501.

By recycling more, the overall cost for garbage disposal decreases. More information on the program’s rollout will be available in upcoming newsletters and on the Spanish Fork website.