SYRACUSE — Police who were chasing a 14-year-old Sunset boy driving a stolen car said the teen took a dangerous turn Saturday and drove into Founders Park where children were playing.

A dramatic video of the incident shows the teen speeding across the grass of the Syracuse park, 1500 S. 1900 West, forcing kids to run out of the way. The vehicle is then seen making its way into a residential neighborhood after Syracuse police decided not follow the car through the park because of safety concerns.

A different video captures the boy flying through the nearby neighborhood until an off-duty police officer, driving a large truck, collides with the stolen vehicle, forcing it to come to a stop.

Police say the car was stolen out of Duchesne County Saturday afternoon. Investigators received information that the boy was possibly driving to Syracuse. Syracuse police said they were notified about 5:30 p.m. and were also told that the 14-year-old could possibly have a weapon.

A man who was listening to a police scanner app on his cellphone was following the stolen car and tipped off officers to the boy's location, according to Syracuse police.

Officers tried to stop the vehicle at 1290 South and 1000 West but instead the boy took off through a residential neighborhood and later Founders Park, where police were forced to stop the chase due to safety concerns.

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"The vehicle was being driven very recklessly, which was the reason Syracuse actually terminated. He was all over the place and so we definitely want to make sure the public has the least amount of risk possible when we are dealing with these types of situations," Davis County Sheriff's Sgt. Susan Poulsen said.

About five minutes later, Davis County sheriff's deputies spotted the vehicle and began another chase. It ended when the off-duty officer slammed his truck into the stolen vehicle to stop it.

"The suspect vehicle ended up crashing and they were able to take the driver into custody," Poulsen said. No injuries were reported.

Contributing: Nkoyo Iyamba

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