Ty Higley returned to Boise, Idaho, after serving a two-year mission in Brazil for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Naturally, Higley encountered many changes upon his return but none as shocking as his father's weight loss.

When Ty Higley returned home this week to see his family, it wasn't until he turned around that he saw his father, Duane Higley, who had lost 140 pounds during his two-year mission. It was a moment KTVB.com was able to capture on film.

Although Ty Higley had limited communication with his family while serving, Duane Higley explained that it was still difficult to keep the news from his son.

"(On) Mother's Day we told him I was at a meeting when really I was there. I just didn't get in front of the camera because we didn't want to spoil it two weeks before he got home," Duane Higley said.

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