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Building the kingdom despite disability

By Ryan Morgenegg

LDS Church News

Published: Saturday, May 31 2014 12:20 a.m. MDT

A typical workday for her, when doing extraction work both pre- and post-mission, is to spend four hours doing indexing. During her two-year service mission with her parents to Australia, she increased her time to a full day, and sometimes longer. The makeup of a record (e.g., census, marriage, birth, death, passport, ship register) varies in terms of complexity. Her parents have record counts for her indexing work, and they have extrapolated the record count related to the extraction program era as follows:

• 19 years of extraction entry (1989 to 2008): 228,000 names (estimated at 12,000 per year)

• Two-year service mission (2008 to 2010): 43,228 records

• Post-mission (2010 to present): 74,329 records

“Tracey does have down moments,” said Brother Brough. “But they don’t last long. She is always willing to accept suggestions, reconsider her attitude and bounce back to her happy self.”

Arnold Grundvig, director of special needs mutual where she attends said, “She is an example of someone who has truly consecrated her time, talents and all she has been blessed with to the work of the Lord. She is an inspiration to those who take the time to know her.”

“Her big smile is genuine,” said Sister Janet Brough. “Tracey brings out the best in people and helps them to be happier than they would otherwise be. Some simply realize that they should not complain about their own challenges, and others reflect her smile and carry it with them.”