That just shows you that they probably weren't in the Scouting program when they were a boy. —Cache Bertchsi, troop member

ST. GEORGE — A Boy Scout troop is facing disappointment at the start of camping season after a trailer full of its gear was stolen earlier this month.

Members of Boy Scouts of America Troop 817 in St. George had worked for about four years selling flags on patriotic holidays to purchase the trailer and equipment, valued at almost $7,000, according to Boyd Kanenwisher, the troop's varsity team coach. But on the night of May 17, all of it vanished.

"I was just so mad," Scout McKay Goldhardt said. "We worked on it so hard, and it all just disappeared."

The trailer had been stored in an LDS Church parking lot in Bloomington over the weekend and was secured with locks on all the doors, as well as a receiver hitch lock, Kanenwisher said. The trailer had been present during daytime activities at the church on May 17 but was missing the next day.

On both sides of the 12-foot, single-axle trailer were decals of the troop's logo — a fleur-de-lis with an LDS Angel Moroni and the troop's number, 817. On the back was the Scout Law in 6-inch letters.

"They'll take those stickers off, but it'll be tough for them to get rid of all the markings that were there," Kanenwisher said.

The troop will rely on borrowed equipment during their camping season, which begins Thursday with a three-day trip, he said.

"The community has stepped up and been supportive of us," Kanenwisher said. "We've already had a couple of local doctors and businesses offer some funds, and more than anything gear."

Kanenwisher said he believes it's unlikely St. George police will be able to recover the trailer, much less everything that was inside. But it's been a learning experience for him and the boys, he said.

"We've had a few (Scouts) say, 'Those people must have really needed that.' We know that's not necessarily true, but that they feel that way and that they're willing to forgive them, which is part of what we teach, and that they're willing to work hard and move on is an important thing to us, and we're glad that they feel that way about it," Kanenwisher said.

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For troop member Cache Bertchsi, the situation is unfortunate but simple: "That just shows you that they probably weren't in the Scouting program when they were a boy," he said.

Those with information on the incident are asked to contact St. George police or send an email to

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