LDS Church News

New stake presidents

Published: Saturday, May 17 2014 12:20 a.m. MDT


A new stake has been created from the Brazil Joinville Stake. The Joinville Brazil South Stake, which includes the São Francisco do Sul Branch and Fatima, Ituam, Itinga, Jaraguá do Sul and Vila Nova wards, was created by Elder Jairo Mazzagardi of the Seventy and Elder Renato M. Petla, an Area Seventy.

JOINVILLE BRAZIL SOUTH STAKE: (March 16, 2014) President — Marco Antonio Ramos, 37, account manager; wife, Olivia Halter. Counselors — Robson De Souza Nascimento, 48, professor; wife, Dinalva De Jesus Santana. Magno Soares Pepe, 32, managing director at Tucanos Natural Foods; wife, Deila Regina De Pepe Lima.


ALTAMONT UTAH STAKE: (April 13, 2014) President — Gary LaMar Nelson, 56, line crew foreman at Moon Lake Electric Association; succeeding Tommy C. Thacker; wife, Lewaina Hunsaker Nelson. Counselors — Curtis F. Miles, 47, safety coordinator at Moon Lake Electric Association; wife, Sabrina Bolton Miles. Randall Kent Thacker, 44, assistant wildlife manager for the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources; wife, Nicole Nielson Thacker.

BLUFFDALE UTAH STAKE: (April 20, 2014) President — Adam Fredrick Ghiz, 39, emergency physician at Utah Emergency Physicians; succeeding Scott L. Howell; wife, Amy Michelle Lund Ghiz. Counselors — Robert Glen Lyon, 57, vice president of engineering at HOJ Engineering; wife, Diane Jones Lyon. Michael Dahl Brown, 55, owner/president of M&M Asphalt Services; wife, Janet Frankie Nowers Brown.

BRISBANE AUSTRALIA LOGAN STAKE: (March 9, 2014) President — Naamanu Lamositele, 41, dispatch officer at Factory Direct Fencing; succeeding David A. Munro; wife, Mataese Iuli Soisoi Lamositele. Counselors — Malcolm Howard Cullen, 58, technician supervisor; wife, Stephanie Joy Cullen. Otineru Tofa, 49, driver; wife, Meli Tofa.

COLVILLE WASHINGTON STAKE: (March 22, 2014) President — Erik Daniel Stark, 37, teacher/coach in Northport School District; succeeding Mark C. Lundgren; wife, Tomi Garner Stark. Counselors — Steven Lynn Bates, 67, dentist; wife, Julia Ann Anglesey Bates. James Cliffon Collins, 54, detective in the Spokane Police Department; wife, Lisl Lynn Cowle Collins.

DENVER COLORADO STAKE: (April 20, 2014) President — Peter Joseph Krumholz, 43, attorney with Hale Westfall LLP; succeeding Richard L. Millett; wife, Lyssa Rachelle Dewey Krumholz. Counselors — Stephen Howard Walker, 55, salesman/partner; wife, Kathleen Elizabeth Jarvis Walker. William Jared Scott, 43, emergency medicine specialist; wife, Heather Nanieve French Scott.

FRIENDSWOOD TEXAS STAKE: (March 23, 2014) President — Daryl Armstrong Scott, 45, associate professor at Baylor College of Medicine; succeeding Jonathan M. Schmitt; wife, Apryl Lyn Brinegar Scott. Counselors — Ray Holt, 54, dentist; wife, Jackie L. Muramoto Holt. Dustin Bryan Peterson, 34, director of leadership development; wife, Samye Jean Martino Petersen.

KANESVILLE UTAH STAKE: (April 20, 2014) President — Steven M. Robbins, 57, chief engineer of advanced programs at ATK; succeeding Kirk F. Smith; wife, Connie Denning Robbins. Counselors — Corey Brent Benson, 40, systems analyst at Williams Energy; wife, Alison Deon Somerville Benson. Louis Wade Meyer, 49, dentist; wife, Amy Sue Burton Meyer.

LOGAN UTAH YSA 3RD STAKE: (April 13, 2014) President — Robert Darrel Ensign, 60, retired; succeeding J. Gregory Lambert; wife, Brenda Chloe Hale Ensign. Counselors — Wayne R. Dymock, 57, CES coordinator; wife, Julie Lynne Lambert Dymock. Dan Wendell Roskelley, 64, golf pro; wife, Mary Isobel Lenkersdorfer Roskelley.