SALT LAKE CITY — Great Scott! Salt Lake Comic Con has announced "Back to the Future" icon Christopher Lloyd as the first guest for this fall's downtown geek gathering.

Becoming the state's largest convention in less than a year, Salt Lake Comic Con gathered more than 100,000 delighted attendees at its FanX event last month for three days of nerdy pop culture, celebrity panels, costumery and consumerism.

The masterminds behind Salt Lake Comic Con will announce the celebrities joining Lloyd on the initial guest list at an event Tuesday, and tickets for the September convention will go on sale immediately after.

Monday's announcement sparked an instant surge of online speculation about which stars will be in Salt Lake City this fall.

Lloyd, best known for his character "Doc" Emmett Brown in the Back to the Future trilogy, has recently appeared in BYU-TV's original drama "Granite Flats."

April's FanX event earned Salt Lake Comic Con the rank of third-largest such event in the country, with celebrity names that included Patrick Stewart, Nathan Fillion and Karen Gillan.

— McKenzie Romero