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Barry Wetcher, Twentieth Century Fox
Kate (Leslie Mann, left), Carly (Cameron Diaz) and Amber (Kate Upton) boogie at the beach in "The Other Woman."

Information for parents about the film "The Other Woman."

Thematic elements/crude humor: Women play pranks on a man, giving him hormones to change his body. They spike his drink with a laxative. They also put hair remover in his shampoo. Drinking to excess and a woman vomits into her purse. Scenes of a woman in a drunken state. Three women play a game to determine who will sleep with a man. A mention of smoking but none is actually shown. A dog defecates on screen. Mention of an STD.

Sexuality/sensuality: A woman runs down the beach in a bikini in slow motion. A man and woman are kissing as they enter an apartment and talk about just meeting that night. A man and a woman are kissing in bed and undressing. A woman asks a man about including another person in their sexual encounter.

Language: Many uses of expletives throughout the film, obscene gestures and crude sexual dialogue.

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