Wright Words: What do you tell a prospective missionary before entering the MTC?

Published: Tuesday, April 22 2014 5:00 a.m. MDT

While it isn't necessary to begin getting up at 6 o'clock and following a missionary’s morning routine, sleeping until noon will be a tough habit to turn around when you suit up. Begin now to get up early, work out, go for a walk, read your scriptures and pray before heading to work, class or wherever your day needs you.

You willingly accept that your entertainment options are about to be narrowed from “U2” to “MOTAB” and from “Top Gun” to “Families Are Forever.” You’re going to spend too much time and money cramming in every movie or Super Nintendo video game between now and the Wednesday you say goodbye.


Remember that a good movie, concert or other wholesome diversion is a wonderful way to decompress, but use your preparation time to step away from the world and toward divinity. Memorize the 13th Article of Faith, or all of them for that matter, and gain a testimony of what moderation in all things might mean to a soon-to-be missionary.

Do enjoy your family.

Do enjoy your friends.

But don’t forget that you’ve grown a foot or two, and the Lord is waiting for you.

Send the message that you're prepared to land in the field, ready to hasten the work and ready for the promised harvest.

There will be tough days ahead, Jason. But the work you’re doing now to prepare will enable you to better call upon the Spirit and to weather the storms.

Younger Jason, please know I love you, even on the days you don’t shave.

And remember, God loves you, too.

It’s true — trust me.


Older Jason

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