Do moms need a purpose beyond motherhood?

By Saren Eyre Loosli

For Power of Moms

Published: Friday, April 18 2014 1:10 p.m. MDT

Or do I? As I think about it further, the totally-motherhood-focused moms I was thinking of do have pursuits and purposes that aren’t completely child-rearing focused.

One mom keeps an immaculate house and does a wonderful job working with the youth organization at church. Another keeps up a beautiful blog complete with wonderful (and surely time-consuming) photography. Another homeschools her children and spends lots of time planning lessons and mentoring other homeschooling moms. Another is really into cooking and spends many hours each week trying new, complicated and delicious recipes.

So is there any such thing as being “just a mom”? Don’t we all have various purposes and pursuits alongside motherhood, which change and evolve as our motherhood needs change and evolve?

Don’t all moms need an outlet, a chance to develop their personal interests and talents? Is it OK for moms to admit that they want and need something besides motherhood? And is it even possible to be “just a mom”? Who would do the laundry, the cooking, the errands? Don’t we all have some purposes beyond motherhood?

Along with taking care of the supporting activities that generally come with motherhood, and deciding how much effort and time to put into each, I think that we need to pursue our own interests alongside pursuing the interests of our children.

I think it’s great — and very important — to pursue some non-motherhood-related things that matter to us while our children are young.

Plus, I think it’s great to get our children involved with our interests as much as possible. My children know a ton about home design, event planning, website building and many other pretty useful things because I’ve involved them in many of my interests and pursuits.

I think that rather than detracting from my mothering, most of the “extracurricular” activities I’ve chosen have enhanced my mothering and have helped me develop myself as a person in the midst of helping my children develop into who they’re supposed to be.

Question: What purposes do you have beyond motherhood? Is it OK for moms to have interests and pursuits of their own while their children are young or is that detrimental to children?

Challenge: Make a list of purposes you have besides motherhood right now. What do they add to your life? To your kids’ lives? Add some new purposes/pursuits if you feel you should. Subtract those that don’t seem to be adding much to your life.

This article is courtesy of Power of Moms, an online gathering place for deliberate mothers.

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