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Scott G. Winterton, Deseret News
The Church News website — which reports on LDS Church members, leaders and events — has moved to DeseretNews.com.

The Deseret News has moved LDSChurchNews.com to DeseretNews.com.

Allow me to share a little background about why we made this change and what is coming in the future.

The Church News website was on an old platform that we could no longer upgrade and support. We have redirected the URL, ldschurchnews.com, to a new Church News section on DeseretNews.com, where we also have begun to move Church News stories.

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All new Church News stories will now be posted to DeseretNews.com/faith/lds-church-news. Later this year, we will move all the archives over too.

Previous Church News content is available at ldschurchnewsarchive.com until we complete the process of moving the archives to the Deseret News website.

This change will allow us to provide Church News stories faster and with larger images; it also will allow us to upgrade and improve your experience as we make other changes to our technology on DeseretNews.com.

If you have additional concerns, feel free to contact me at bolsen@deseretdigital.com.

Burke Olsen is general manager for Deseret News Digital. Contact him at bolsen@deseretnews.com.

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