Letter: Poor compromise

Published: Wednesday, March 12 2014 10:07 a.m. MDT

The caucus system and Count My Vote compromise so lavishly praised by the Deseret News ("With caucus compromise Utah will enter new political terrain," March 8), if indeed it is really a compromise, is a very bad one because it retains the caucus system and thus continues to disenfranchise more than a hundred thousand Utahns who are serving their church as missionaries, their country in the military, or who are disabled, working at night, or traveling.

This messy institution discriminates against these people and is one which is often controlled by small, tightly organized extremist groups, jettisons or ignores parliamentary procedure, and even elects delegates who may or may not vote the wishes of the caucus. It has all the dignity of a neighborhood block party with many people carrying on loud conversations with each other or on their cellphones.

People who respect an orderly political process and who respect missionaries and service women and men should encourage the Count My Vote people to continue their efforts and urge Governor Herbert to veto the legislation which was sneaked to passage without a chance for public comment.

Robert Steensma

Salt Lake City

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