SALT LAKE CITY — The Senate passed a bill Friday that would remove the informed consent requirement for an abortion in cases where the life of the mother is threatened.

Bill sponsor Sen. Wayne Harper, R-Taylorsville, said mothers shouldn't have to go through that step when it's a life-saving procedure.

Harper said the bill is narrowly tailored to address that specific situation.

"It's the compassionate thing to do," he said.

SB71 removes the requirement for informed consent if the abortion is performed when the treating doctor and one other doctor agree in writing that an abortion is necessary to prevent the woman's death or substantial and irreversible impairment to her body.

Sen. Karen Mayne, D-West Valley City, urged support of the measure so that doctors can "act readily and without fear."

Sen. Brian Shiozawa, R-Cottonwood Heights, an emergency room doctor, said the last thing a woman needs in that situation is to have to watch a video about abortion before the procedure can take place.

After unanimously passing the Senate, the bill now moves to the House.