The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics released its latest jobs report at 8:30 a.m. EST, and the tweets began. Here are a few from economists, experts and lookers-on.

"For the first time in nearly four years, more unemployed workers FOUND jobs than dropped out in February." Ben Casselman, @bencasselman

"+13k in government jobs after two straight months of decline." Neil Irwin, @Neil_Irwin

"Construction added only 15k jobs, which fits with the weather-driven story." Ben Casselman, @bencasselman

"Employees worked fewer hours, but were paid more. Avg hourly earnings up 9 cents/hour. Up 52 cents over past year." Neil Irwin, @Neil_Irwin

"Number of people unemployed for 27 weeks plus rises 203k. Really rough out there if you're among the semi-permanent jobless." Economic Policy Inst, @EconomicPolicy

"We still need 7.5 million jobs to return to pre-recession health." kay bae, ‏@KayDubzHU

"The number of discouraged workers in Feb. is down by 130,000. There are 750,000 discouraged workers." U.S. Labor Department, ‏@USDOL

"Last month was a tough weather month, there were roughly 7M people out of work for nearly a week due to weather" -@LaborSec on #JobsReport U.S. Labor Department, @USDOL

"626k people weren't at work due to bad weather (2.5x last year). Nearly 7 million ppl worked part-time because of the weather." Ben Casselman, @bencasselman

"It's fun watching people dig in to the labor market stats to discover that we had bad weather in January. We did. It's in the weather report" Justin Wolfers, @JustinWolfers

"People can work in the snow. Economists stumped, stunned." Pedro da Costa, @pdacosta

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"All told, I'm mildly more optimistic about the recovery after this jobs report. Seems to suggest a continuing rather than stalling recovery." Justin Wolfers, @JustinWolfers


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