Both North and South Dakota seem to be pretty content with the way things are.

Gallup’s recent survey looked at the well-being of residents in the U.S., and found that both of the Dakotas topped the charts. Nebraska, Minnesota and Montana rounded out the top five in the Gallup survey, which interviewed about 178,000 people from across the country in 2013. The survey looked at life evaluation, emotional health, working environments, physical health, health behaviors and basic access within those states, Gallup reported.

“Overall well-being in the U.S. and within states has been fairly steady since 2008, although the national Well-Being Index score fell in 2013,” Gallup reported. “The nation's well-being declined despite improvement in economic confidence in most states. Still, steady growth in 11 states' well-being scores since 2010 illustrates that sustained improvements in well-being are possible regardless of national trends.”

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