SALT LAKE CITY — State lawmakers who fail to report campaign contributions on time might have to pay fines.

HB246 would impose a $50 or 15 percent fine, whichever is higher, on campaign contributions that aren't reported within the 30-day period required by law. There currently isn't a penalty for failing to meet the deadline.

"This is a loophole that's being taken advantage of," bill sponsor Rep. Craig Hall, R-West Valley City, told the House Government Operations Committee. "All this bill does is to create an incentive for candidates to follow a law that's already on the books."

The committee voted unanimously Monday to pass the bill to the House floor.

Also Monday, the committee unanimously supported HB235, which would prohibit candidates from accepting anonymous cash donations of more than $50. Candidates would have to give those contributions to a nonprofit organization or a government agency, according to the bill sponsored by Rep. Kraig Powell, R-Heber City.

— Dennis Romboy