Balancing act: Can you find 'life' during another busy Saturday?

Published: Tuesday, Feb. 18 2014 8:00 a.m. MST

That tends to make me a bit grumpy. "What happened to my Saturdays?" I grumble to myself. "What happened to the sleeping in and the hanging out? To the fun? How am I supposed to build better work-life balance when all I have time to do is work, whether it's at the office or at home?"

At those times, I try to pause, take a deep breath and change my point of view.

Yes, my Saturdays aren't as carefree as they once were. But they still hold their charms.

I find joy in sharing the experience of doing chores with my children. That may sound odd, but it really is fun teaching a child how to do something around the house. And I've found that calling a kid in to help sort the laundry can give me some valuable one-on-one conversation time.

I find satisfaction in accomplishing the tasks on my to-do list. Even if the work is tiring, it's always nice to know you've finished a job and done it well.

I find relaxation by taking a moment to stop one of my outdoor tasks and look for beauty in the world around me. Something as simple as listening to the wind blow through the trees or watching snowflakes fall softly to the ground can refresh a person's spirit.

I find fun by listening to the sounds of my children laughing as they play together, riding their bikes, practicing softball and making up games of their own.

Their Saturdays will change, too, as they get older. And they may someday wonder how they're supposed to build a balanced life when there's always so much to do.

But perhaps I can teach them that one of the secrets of building work-life balance is to find "life" at unexpected times and in unusual places.

Maybe I can set a better example and help them learn how to look for those moments of joy, satisfaction, relaxation and fun — even in the middle of yet another busy Saturday.

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