ZION NATIONAL PARK — The husband of a woman who died BASE jumping in Zion National Park over the weekend has been cited for the jump.

Clayton Butler, 29, was cited Tuesday for jumping from a natural feature, a misdemeanor that can carry fines of up to $5,000 or six months in jail, park spokeswoman Aly Baltrus confirmed. Butler has been ordered to appear in U.S. Magistrate Court in St. George.

Butler was BASE jumping Saturday with his wife of two weeks, 28-year-old Amber Marie Bellows, when her parachute failed to open during an estimated 2,000-foot jump off Mount Kinesava. Butler jumped after his wife but was unable to reach her.

Butler hiked alone out of the park for help, and his wife's body was retrieved the next day.

The newlywed couple were experienced BASE jumpers.

BASE jumping is not allowed in Zion National Park. The accident was the first fatality in Zion this year and the first ever BASE jumping incident in the park, Baltrus said on Sunday.

— McKenzie Romero