'Find our cousins,' Elder Neil L. Andersen urges youths at RootsTech conference

By R. Scott Lloyd

Deseret News

Published: Sunday, Feb. 9 2014 2:47 p.m. MST

“Papi, by clicking on this record, you have found our cousin, and now we can offer her the ordinances of the temple,” Hadlock said to his grandfather, Elder Andersen.

He said, “Papi, even though our family has been in the church for many generations, there are numerous cousins to be found. I’ll bet it is true for every family.”

“It is true, Clayton,” Elder Anderson replied. “We all have cousins waiting for our work.”

To the assembled youths, he said, “When we see ourselves in perspective of our family, those who came before us and those who came after us, we realize how we are part of a wonderful link that connects us all together. As we search them out and take their names to the temple, we bring to them something they cannot obtain without us. In doing so, we are connected to them, and the Lord through his Spirit confirms to our soul the eternal importance of what we are doing.”


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